People all over the world are getting curious with the new diet craze that has helped thousands and thousands of people battle obesity – with a strain of different HCG supplements to assist you in losing weight! Since there are a lot of online health stores that offer different HCG for sale, the buyers now have the opportunity to choose their best way of losing weight.

Whether you are just 20 pounds overweight or more, using various HCG supplements like liquid drops, sublingual drops, injections and nasal spray can help you achieve a new you in just 40 days or even less! The different HCG for sale promises the same amount of effectiveness (although a lot claim that injections and nasal sprays provide the fastest results) that is why everyone who is overweight is highly encouraged to try Dr. Simeon’s Diet Plan and protocol for a healthier and livelier you!

Regardless of what HCG supplement you take, as long as you are following the protocol 100 percent of the way, you can expect to lose at least 1 pound a day every day for 26 to 40 days of continued use. Even if there is different HCG for sale at the moment, as long as you are adhering to its diet plan, its exercise regimens, and to the schedule of intake, regardless of the HCG supplement, then expect a new you in less than 2 months!

If for some reason however that you need to lose more than 100 pounds, please allow an interval of 6 weeks before you use HCG supplements to ensure no immunity on the drug every time you need to lose weight. With proper discipline, you can achieve a great body that anyone would drool for.